The Best Way To Take Calgary Transit To Calgary Stampede


The Best Way To Take Calgary Transit To Calgary Stampede

The Best Way To Take Calgary Transit To Calgary Stampede

Download The Calgary Transit “My Fare” App

If you’re heading down to the grounds via transit, and you don’t regularly use transit, I’d suggest downloading the Calgary Transit app. It’s available on iOS and Android, free to use and super convenient.

Download the Calgary Transit "My Fare" App for Google/Android - Google Play Store
Download the Calgary Transit "My Fare" App for Apple/iOS - App Store

The app itself is very basic and other than buying tickets it’s kind of useless but it gives you the freedom of not needing to carry change or buying a book of tickets from a store.

You enter your credit card info to buy tickets, which is a very straightforward and easy process. You’ll need to enter in your 3 digit code each time you use it to buy tickets.

When you buy a ticket it’ll sit in your ticket wallet. Regular tickets expire after 7 days (big thumbs down), so only buy what you’re going to use for sure. You can also buy monthly bus passes in the app.

With a ticket sitting in your ticket wallet, you’ll need to activate it to use it. Once you activate it you’ll have 90 minutes to use it as many times as you need to. In the app it generates a QR code that you can scan while boarding a bus and it’ll show the driver you’ve paid.

Tap To Scan Your Ticket

Tap to scan your Calgary Transit QR digital ticket

For the trains, if you’re asked by a Peace Officer to present your ticket, right below the QR code it’ll display the time it was activated, which shows you’ve paid. If you wait until you see a Peace Officer to activate your ticket, and they check it, they’ll pretty easily be able to tell that you did that, which means you were riding without paying. Unless they don’t look at the time too closely

That’s pretty much it. You can buy tickets on the go as you need to use them. They’re easy to use and the same price as any other method of paying for a ticket.

  • trains run 24hrs during Stampede
  • some bus routes have been extended
  • no refunds on tickets that you don’t end up using
  • regular tickets expire after 7 days, it sucks so only buy 1 at a time as needed - Make life better
without a car

Transit” is another app that has the capability to buy Calgary Transit tickets online. It’s a third party app that the city has partnered with. It works in pretty much every city. Its functionality is much better than the My Fare app by Calgary Transit. Maps built in, all kinds of features and tools, with a very polished interface. It’s a pretty huge app used in many different places all over the world.

Download Transit App for Google/Android - Google Play Store
Download Transit App for Apple/iOS - App Store

That’s All Folks

Pretty sure I covered everything re: buying tickets for Calgary Transit using their app. I take public transit as my main source of travel so I’m pretty experienced with their app, the other forms of payment, and almost anything else really.

Any questions?

Happy Stampeding


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