The Best Simpsons Calgary Stampede Memes


The Best Simpsons Calgary Stampede Memes

Everyone loves a good meme, and classic Simpsons usually delivers. I thought it would be fun to keep a catalog of the best Simpsons Calgary Stampede Memes that show up on the Internet.

everyone in calgary rn

everyone in calgary rn - Homer Simpson Calgary Stampede Meme - bathtub with Cowboy Boots

I actually made this one myself, after the City of Calgary water main break fiasco wrapped up just in time for the Calgary Stampede – and for Calgarians to take nice long satisfying baths.

Everyone in Calgary right now

Credit where it’s due, local Simpson’s lover boy Matt Daniels dropped it first on Twitter, all the way back in 2022. It has since been screenshotted a number of times and his name cropped out. Sad!

The Best Simpsons Calgary Stampede Memes

This meme works on so many levels. It’s simply just a screenshot but it’s exactly what Calgarians are like come Stampede time. The rest of the year nobody really cares to play Cowboy dress up, so the boots go into the closet – till next year.

24 Hour C-trains During Stampede

The Best Simpsons Calgary Stampede Memes - 24 Hour C-trains During Stampede

I also made this up, and for no particular reason, also included Homer and Barney. They seemed to carry the Calgary Stampede spirit :Þ

What Else?

And that’s about it – that I know of. Am I missing any? Please let me know in the comments below. There honestly aren’t a whole lot of these meme’s out there yet but I’m hoping that will change one day. I hope you enjoy Simpsons Calgary Stampede memes as much as I do <3


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