Hello! This is our About Us page where we explain what we do.

CMCalgary is a Calgary based blogger/social media type account. We share local information via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Threads, Bluesky, Discord, reddit, e-mail, YouTube and anywhere else fun. We aim to primarily share Calgary focused content but we also share things relevant to Banff, Jasper, Edmonton, elsewhere in Alberta, and occasionally throughout Canada.

Topics include news, events, food/drink, fun stuff, photography, videos, politics, memes, shitposts, questions from DMs, lost/found. Think of us as downtown storytellers in the city of Calgary, using modern technology.

I say “we”, because there are two of us behind CMCalgary, though you’re typically only speaking to one of us at a time. We also do not share our personal information, photos, or anything else that bloggers usually do.

What does the CM stand for? Nothing, actually. Just CM.


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